Access & Lobby Cameras

MDU public lobby and access cameras displayed on every residents’ TV and phone.


Give residents view of all access cameras

Display lobby, garage and access cameras on every building TV as part of the cable channel lineup or on residents phones. Available for use in Condos, rental, commercial buildings and offices.

Give residents view of all access cameras

Digital Cameras

High definition digital cameras displayed in every unit and on every TV in the building.

Multiple Cameras

Display multiple cameras with role and location based access permission for each TV.

Smart TV compatible

DigyProp app in the TV stores allow access to cameras even without a cable feed.

Customizable Setups

Completely customize all of the displays and cameras to fit your needs exactly.

Digital Cable Compatible

Compatible with latest app-based set top boxes and new digital cable setups.

No Input Change

Camera feeds are broadcast throughout the building as part of the general cable lineup. No need to change TV inputs to access the cameras.

Community Channel Compatible

Include a live camera feed into your DigyProp community feed.


DigyProp supplies every component required to get quickly set up including digital HD cameras with direct access and setup into the channel

App Access

All cameras and channels can be viewed on the building App.

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