COVID-19 Recovery

Ensure your spaces are safe and attractive for workers to return to

Make Covid compliance as simple as possible

In todays post-pandemic world, DigyProp is helping property owners and tenants to make Covid-19 regulation compliance as easy as possible.


Capacity Limits

Monitor capacity limits and guests in real time to ensure ongoing compliance with distancing requirements.

Flex Working

Allow tenants to maximize their spaces and provide their staff with flex working options.

Make the Office Attractive to Return to

Incentivize workers to return to the office with exciting programs, events and amenities while making it super-easy and safe for them to do so.

Exposure Notifications

Track who was in the building when and send out exposure notifications if necessary.

COVID-19 Questionnaires

Ensure all guests and staff fill out Covid-19 questionnaires monitoring symptoms before entering the workspace.

COVID-19 Information Sharing

Instantly share COVID-19 policies and information updates with all tenants and their staff working within your buildings.

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