Centralised member communication for gyms and fitness organizations

Easily communicate with all your members and clients in digital and paper formats and improve the membership experience


Control all of your communication from one central program

Control all of your screens, all from one place.

Perfect features for gyms and fitness facilities

Digital Signage

Display live information to TVs throughout your fitness facilities

Different locations can show localised information combined with building-wide content.

Display exercise and health information across multiple different screens.

Member Portal

Members and clients get easy access to gym, community and facility information.

Users and staff can access the portal from any device, anywhere in the world.

Covid-19 Compliance Management

Manage all COVID-19 compliance for all guests, staff and visitors.

Digitise all health questionnaires and ensure full compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Service Requests

Manage all service requests made from inside or outside the gym or fitness facility.

Centralise and track all requests in a simple to use system.

Amenity & Space Management

Manage bookings for all spaces and amenities within the facilities.

Manage resources, exercise equipment, public spaces, VIP rooms, meeting rooms and gym amenities.

Visitor Management

Monitor and track all visitors coming into the gym via quick kiosks and an easy to use admin interface.

Manage COVID-19 questionnaires and security compliance management.

Member Apps

Provide members with a central place to find out all up-to-date news and information.

Available on Apple Store or Google Play.

Classes & Event Management

Manage or display exercise classes or events from any device and from anywhere.

Print, email, display on TVs, your website, guest portal or connect through Alexa enabled devices.

A single program for communicating with your members and clients

One unified platform will help you quickly and easily share information with everyone who needs to be kept up to date with everything happening with your gyms and with your facilities.

A scalable digital signage platform with all the magic a fitness organization needs to thrive:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Unlimited different signs throughout the building
  • Automatic widgets such as Weather, Local News and Sports Updates keep your screens looking fresh at all times.
  • Display different content and layouts and layouts in different locations throughout your facility.
  • Completely turnkey – we supply everything to get you up and running quickly
  • Manage all screens remotely from one place

An easy to access portal for members and visitors to stay up to date with everything going on in with your gyms, exercise classes and fitness facilities.

  • The portal can be accessed by all members and guests from any device worldwide
  • All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically added to the portal.
  • Members can sign themselves up for an account – using unique codes so they can connect directly with your organization.
  • All information is sent to members in real-time so they are kept completely up-to-date with everything going on in the gym or fitness facility.
  • Members and guests can send requests directly to your staff if they have membership, attendance or other requests.

A quick way for guests to reserve equipment, amenities, resources or classes.

  • Unlimited equipment, class, room or resource bookings
  • Online reports of resource usage
  • Administrator management to ensure fair usage 
  • Maximize your facilities so every space and resource can be used as effectively as possible
  • Efficient use of resources for members, guests and staff

Track and manage everyone who walks through your doors.

  • Quick and easy visitor sign-in process
  • Book guests ahead of time
  • Digitize security and compliance
  • Control access to various areas of your gym or facility
  • Manage exactly who is in attendance at any time
  • Ensure COVID-19 compliance with customised questionnaires for members, guests and staff

Implement a unified program to manage all Covid-19 compliance.

  • Update guests and staff in real-time if any access schedules change
  • Manage COVID-19 questionnaires for all staff, members and visitors
  • Manage reduced room/resource capacities
  • Educate members, guests and staff on COVID-19 policies via screens throughout the building

An easy system to manage all service and maintenance requests.

  • Work order management
  • Multiple service statuses allow an instant overview of everything being worked on.
  • More efficient personnel management with the ability to track all jobs and assign the best resource

Why Sports Organizations Love our platform

Digital signage provides instant information and grabs guests’ attention.

A central portal for guests and staff to access up-to-date information from anywhere.

Share live updates giving members much more than just a one time experience.

One easy tool to ensure ongoing COVID-19 compliance.

Emergency and important information can be quickly shared on all screens and personal devices within the building.

Make the most use of existing rooms and resources using an online booking and management system.

One easy visitor management tool for anyone walking through the door.

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