Tenant Portal

A window into your property for all of your tenants


Easy access to community info and service requests

Tenants sign themselves up for an account and can connect directly with your community – from any device and from anywhere in the world.


Easy Communication

Quickly share news and updates with all tenants and staff in each building

Tenant Engagement

Engage with tenants and guests directly as they keep coming back to your app to find out updated information

Uniform Message

Publish information once and have it appear in multiple places, ensuring a quick and seamless way to send out uniform messaging across the board

Reach all Tenants & Visitors

The DigyProp portal is a digital platform accessible from anywhere. All your tenants and guests have quick access to all important information. Offsite or onsite.

Build Community

Use a unified destination to build engaging experiences for your tenants and guests. Build a community incorporating your building and the surrounding amenities.

Centralize Communication

Share prevention plans, safety updates, views of the community channel, and general info. Provide a singular link between tenants and staff members.

Easy to Manage

All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically added to the tenant portal.

Real-Time Updates

All information is sent to tenants and guests in real-time so they are kept completely up-to-date with everything going on in the building.

Service Requests

Tenants and visitors can send requests directly to departments within your building management team.

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