Digital Signage

Real-time community information that
delivers astonishing engagement

Engagement is Everything

Communal TVs, InSuite and online: Keep tenants and staff up to date and in the loop with events, announcements, photos, menus, news, weather and more.

Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting engagement and happiness.

Full Suite of Customizable Channel Features


The Tenant Portal can be accessed by all family members from any device from anywhere in the world.

Easy to Manage

All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically added to the tenant portal.

Tenant Sign-Ups

Tenants can sign themselves up for an account – using unique codes so they can connect directly with your community

Real-Time Updates

All information is sent to the tenants in real-time so they are kept completely up-to-date with everything going on in the building.

Service Requests

Tenants can send requests directly to departments within your community if they have maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests.

Centralize Communication

Share prevention plans, safety updates, views of the community channel, and general info. Provide a singular link between tenants and staff members.

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